Housing Affordability?... No Problem Here!


In Australia today, you can't help escape from hearing the words "Affordable Housing" or rather "Affordable Housing Crisis", but does it have to be this way?  

The Australian Federal and State Governments are onto it, or they hope so, admittedly some doing a better job than others. I must say as someone who lives in Melbourne, Victoria and being part of the development industry, I can't but help feel I have a responsibility to help fix this situation.  Of course, I think the developers know the solution.  Hell, I know the developers know the solution,  with a little help from Local Council And State Planning of course. But is it what people want to live in? And is it where people want to live? I think yes, and yes.  Why?

Because Plan Melbourne 2050 ( http://planmelbourne.vic.gov.au/ ), and Houses for Victorians ( http://www.vic.gov.au/affordablehousing.html )  IS a sensible master PLAN!  What?? The government is actually working on this I here you say! YES, they are, and this time  I must say I am pretty happy with the solutions making it to State Planning and yes I do write to the Vic Planning Minister Richard Wynne and offer a few humble suggestions or 2, ....maybe 3, actually ok, I like to put my 2cents in!  Well what is happening I hear you ask and when is the affordable housing coming? Well, it has started and not in the way you think. The master Plan to have everyone being able to afford where they live is not to just drop house prices or cut corners or live in a shoebox, it's better than that.  State Planning sees the creation of mini cities and large metropolitan areas which have loads of new jobs, education and innovation, new housing and new infrastructure (roads etc) to accommodate people.  

Yes the city is moving to you, you don't have to move to the current Melbourne CBD to be part of the action. So thats the Master Plan. Genius I think, because who wants to spend and hour in traffic every morning and evening to get to and from work? Not I, said the Red Fish.

 So to add to the big picture of AFFORDABLE HOUSING where you want to live, REID DEVELOPMENTS is working hard to create housing in areas that are growing and thriving, and we know where to look,

we've read the MASTER PLAN remember? ;-)
So we are in the Design rooms, with the design team, looking for ways to make your home, more attractive, affordable and useful, and are located in the best areas, near everything you need or want in your daily life. From Parks, to shops, transport, recreational areas, and beautiful well thought out landscapes and design. You will love what we have to offer. You will love the location, the price, how the light comes into the home, and the design. Have a look out for our new developments...

.......COMING SOON!!      

 -Emily Reid, Director REID DEVELOPMENTS.


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