Emily Reid



Site Analysis

Financial Feasibility

Planning Updates

Site Acquisition

Capital Management

Landscape Design 


EMILY REID works in planning & site analysis,  financial feasibilities,  and all aspects of property development.

  Collaborating with Building Designers, & local Town Planners on suitable site development, considering State Planning Policy and local/regional housing strategies with environmentally considered, innovative, smart design building concepts, native/indigenous planting, and socially inclusive designs.

Emily has a strong understanding of State Planning policy, particularly how it relates to housing diversity, affordable housing, and medium density housing development. Emily has applied herself over many years to the study of property development and also brings 10 years’ experience in Landscaping and Horticulture. She has graduated from 7 property specific education programs on; Property Development, Creative Property Strategies, Commercial Property, Vendor Finance, Small Smarter Homes, Structural & Cosmetic Renovation, & Property Options.

Emily is a Speaker for various property groups on Local & State Planning Policy changes and is passionate about creating developments which consider the local community and minimise the environmental impact of population growth, whilst providing increased housing.